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ZOE: So what now?
WADE: Well, I guess get some food for sustenance and do it all over again. Or vice-versa. No ignore it, ignore it, come here.
ZOE: Oh no.. I can’t. It’s Lavon checking up on me. I know but I’ll be right back.

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I guess we’ll never find out, will we?

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‘I don’t think he cares about your abs, Wade.’

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Ashley Benson in SoHo, 5/7/12

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Nina’s new hair style.
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‘You know, it’s not like I never thought about having sex with you. It’s just… what’s the point? We have nothing in common. We’re always fighting. We are very different people, and it’s not like it could ever go anywhere.’
‘Doc, I’m not saying I want to marry you. All I’m saying is there’s something here. Something between us.’

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